Galleria l’arte di seta enhances day-to-day life.

It offers pieces of art that bear motifs on a base of silk that were created by renowned artists.  

Galleria l’arte di seta is us—creative people, who are connected through their passion for creativity, a love of all things aesthetic and a desire to provide you with a special experience that is intertwined with the environment and time that is encapsulated in the artwork and has practical and sustainable value.


Its founder, Lidija Drobež, brought together artistic expression, personal reflection and a recognition of the aesthetic into the project of Galleria l’arte di seta.

We realise the humane mission of contributing to the strengthening of a sensitive experience,

preserving the connection to creativity and the precious knowledge of past generations, and promoting the creativity for the future.


All the products offered by Galleria l’arte di seta are made of natural silk.

The art is printed on silk in the location of the heart of silk expertise, in Como, Italy, where prestigious products from global brands are created.

Como, the city of silk

A city of elegance, flowing out of the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains with their stunning colours and light.

When you make your way from the lakefront towards the city centre,

you are immersed in stately houses with countless stories from the long and rich history.


It seems that the city itself has it own unending story that is still alive: when you take in the view of the Porta Torre city gates at the end of the street it becomes clear that the city could have become a global centre in the Middle Ages thanks to its silk and trade, but its citizens had managed to safeguard its particular character, as is typical of communities located by glacial lakes.


The city is alive: families socialising in playgrounds and parks, the noise of children playing sounding out, the smell of freshly brewed espresso wafting from cafés, and the joyful melody of chatter emanating from the many tables seating people of all ages expresses the characteristic Italian joie de vivre. This, in combination with the “culture of beauty”, provides for the continuous stream of human creativity that further satisfies the high expectations of discerning customers.

Silk museum of Como

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by mulberry trees.


A walk through the museum is a journey through the over 500-year-old history of silk production in Italy, from its very beginnings,

when the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza ordered mulberry trees to be planted in Como. It is incredible to see how many inventions

were necessary for silk to be able to thrive in all its beauty and extravagance. The silk museum depicts the connection between

understanding nature and the development of practical tools that became increasingly complex, which is also evidence of humankind’s ingenuity.


When leaving the museum, you are accompanied by the thought that silk production in Como is still an art.

The ability to preserve tradition and the broad spectrum of knowledge are passed on from generation to generation;

for example, how to recognise and select high-quality silk, how to use knowledge about pigments and colour application to silk

in experimenting with innovations and the artistic creation of new designs where quality exceeds quantity.

All of this ensures that Como will continue to hold a boutique position among the providers of silk products.


We are proud that the Galleria l’arte di seta pieces have the expertise of generations of masters from Como woven into them.


Link to Museo della setta, Como