Terms & Conditions


General terms and conditions of operation of the online store Galleria.si are drawn-up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and take into consideration the international codes of conduct for e-commerce (ZVPot-UPB2).


The website Galleria.si is operated by the company Poslovno svetovanje ELNOVA d.o.o., Metelkova 7A, 1000 Ljubljana. We kindly ask you to read the general terms and conditions of our online store operation. With every transaction that you make through our online store, you confirm that you are informed about the contents of the general conditions and that you have consented to the offered general conditions without limitations. If you do not agree with these general conditions, we ask you to immediately cease to use our website and our services.


In our online store, we offer silk headscarves, scarves and hankies. Every product is a reproduction of a copyrighted work, of which reproduction and distribution is limited with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP), therefore you can use the purchased products only in accordance with these terms and conditions.


The provider of the online store shall reserve the right to any changes of the terms and conditions without any special announcement. The changes shall enter into effect on the moment of publication and shall be binding for the user. For each purchase, you will be warned about this general terms and conditions and you will be obliged to confirm that you are aware of them. By agreeing to these general conditions, you also confirm that you will use our service and goods that we offer on this website exclusively for your own needs and for non-commercial purposes. You may not use the contents of our website for educational purposes.


The website is open every day, 24 hours per day. We are trying to provide you a constant and smooth access to our websites, but we are not responsible for any disturbances in access due to the system errors, maintenance or other reasons, which are not in our power.  Due to various technical reasons, operation through the website as well as the access to the online store is sometimes not possible. Therefore, we reserve the right to limit or completely stop the access to our online store for a definite or indefinite time. We do not take responsibility for the online store’s non-operation due to the lack of knowledge about use, consequences of the online store abuse, non-performance of the service due to the network breakdown, electricity network breakdown or other technical disturbances, which could temporarily or for a longer period interrupt the use. We cannot provide as well that our online store and its contents will work on your selected device.  It is your own responsibility to provide the access to the internet and other technical requirements, which will enable you to access to all the contents of our website and our services and this shall not represent a part of our services.


You have to use the website and its contents in the way, which will not damage, disable, impair or overload the website.


If you decide for a purchase, you need a valid e-mail address. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Confirm your registration by clicking on the button CONTINUE. If you leave any mandatory field empty, you will be directed back to the registration form, where it will be marked which information you have forgotten to insert or where you have made an error. After correctly inserted information, a message will appear on the next page saying that information about your purchase has been sent to your e-mail address.


If you do not receive an activation mail, check in the folder »Junk« or »Junk e-mail«. If you find it in the mentioned folder, please write us to the e-mail: info@galleria.si.


In order to overview the products, browse through our offer, promotions or read the descriptions of individual products. On the website you have various filters available, enabling you to arrive as soon as possible to the desired product. Simple searching of the products is also provided with a search engine by keywords, which is located up on the right.


When you find a product you want to order, click on the icon IN THE BASKET. where you can monitor how many articles are in it. If you stop with the mouse on the button BASKET, a list of articles you have in your basket, total amount and a button TO THE CASH REGISTER display to you.


When you finish your purchase in the BASKET, click on the button TO THE CASH REGISTER and follow the steps of purchase.


When shopping online, the online store operator enables PayPal payments.

PAYPAL payment advantages:

Paypal represents a simple, fast and particularly safe online payment method. In making payment the number of your credit card is not be disclosed to the seller. In PayPal payments, you can use the credits cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmericanExpress and Diners Club, and you have a possibility of selecting two payment methods, namely:

  • you can create your own PayPal Account (choose the option »Have a PayPal Account?« and register with your user name and password).
  • If you do not have your own PayPal Account, you can pay for the ordered goods without a prior registration (as a »guest«) using one of the credit or debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmericanExpress in Diners Club, (choose the option: »Don’t have a PayPal Account?«)


All current offers of the products are available on the website. Next to each product available on our website there is a photo, its description, relevant data, data about quality and composition of the goods, and if needed, technical specifications as well as the date for delivery.

All the prices in the online store are in euros and include VAT (value added tax), if the sale takes place within EU. In case of sale to other countries, the tax shall be charged in accordance with the legislation of the country concerned.

The prices which are published and as indicated in the moment of the order confirmation shall apply to each purchase. We reserve the right to change the prices without any prior notice, which do not apply to already made order.

The prices shall apply in case of payment with the indicated payment methods, listed under point 3 above.


The online store provider undertakes to protect your privacy. All personal data of the online store user are confidential and will not be transmitted to unauthorized persons. You may visit the major part of our products in our online store, without having to disclose your personal data, for example your name, address and e-mail address. Despite this, some data may be obtained automatically with the use of cookies and pixel tags, i.e. standard tools in the online industry. Use of cookies and pixel tags enable us to recognize your IP-address, the type of browser you use and your general online activity. If you turn off cookies in your computer, purchase in your online store will not be possible. You can read your personal data protection policy here (link to a separate document).

In order to make purchase in our online store, we need your personal data. We do not disclose the data that you will submit us to any third persons, except for the purpose of confirmation of validity of the purchase with a payment card, delivery of products, marketing and promotion. The online store provider carries out all the measures needed for the protection of confidentiality of personal data. The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by providing for the safety of his/her/its own user name and password as well as adequate (antivirus) protection of the computer.

Our web page may contain links to other web pages. The company does not share your personal data with such websites, except in case of use of the social media buttons or plug-ins. If you follow the link to any of the websites, the privacy practice of the indicated website shall apply to, beyond the company’s control and responsibility.



The online store will start with activities, needed for execution of the received order, immediately after its receipt.



The order, which cannot be executed under the conditions and data that are at the online store disposal, shall be rejected. The consumer may not require execution of such an order.



A submitted electronic mail or concluded purchase contract are stored at the company’s registered office. The costumer can monitor all his/her/its orders on his/her/its own profile.



The buyer may withdraw from the order within 15 days from the receipt of the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Article 43). The deadline for withdrawal expires within 15 days from the date, when the buyer or the third person upon the buyer’s authorization receive the goods. The buyer must inform the company Poslovno svetovanje Nenad Filipović s.p. with an unambiguous statement about his/her/its decision to withdraw from the order (e.g. with a letter, sent by an electronic mail). The buyer may also fill-in and submit the sample withdrawal form or any other unambiguous statement on the seller’s website www.galleria.si.  When the company receives the withdrawal statement, it shall immediately issue to the buyer a certificate of the receipt of a withdrawal statement. For taking into consideration the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, it is sufficient to send the notice on withdrawal from the order before expiry of the deadline for withdrawal.

If the buyer withdraws from the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the company will reimburse him/her/it all the received payments, including the delivery costs (except additional costs for selecting the type of delivery which is not the most convenient standard form of delivery offered by the company), at the latest 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. Such reimbursement shall be executed with the same means of payment, as it was used it the first transaction, unless explicitly agreed otherwise, while in no case the buyer shall bear the costs due to this reimbursement.  The buyer shall return the goods to the address Poslovno svetovanje Nenad Filipović s.p., Metelkova 7A, 1000 Lubljana, packed in the original packaging. The returned goods must not be damaged or dirty. In case of withdrawal from the order, the costs of return of goods shall be borne by the buyer.

In Accordance with Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer may inform in writing the online store operator to have withdrawn from the order or contract 15 days after the receipt of the goods. With regard to the fact that this is an artistic work with protected copy rights, numbered, printed on a delicate material of a product, which has been opened and unfolded, we cannot offer it for further sale to the next buyer. Therefore, we kindly ask you to open the packaging and take the product out from the protective wrapping, only if you really wish to do so.



We prepare and dispatch the products ordered from the orders and received on a working day until 12.00 a.m. the next working day – during working days, from Monday to Friday, so that within EU you normally receive goods within 48 hours or this time is extended during holidays, on Saturdays and Sundays. All the orders received after 12.00 a.m. are prepared and dispatched with a one-day time lag. If the product you ordered is not in stock, we will contact you and agree for further process. The products are sent through the UPS company. We do not dispatch goods on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In case of delivery outside EU, the product will be delivered in accordance with the terms of delivery of the UPS company.



In Slovenia, we deliver bought products free of charge to your selected address, while to other countries according to the pricelist of the UPS company.


Before the delivery, the products are checked and sent undamaged.  We will carefully pack your products to arrive undamaged and in an original packaging. If the product is faulty, the buyer has all the rights provided by the valid legislation in the field of consumers protection.

In accordance with the Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Act, if any damage  is made on the product during transport, the buyer has the right to immediately reject the product to the courier who has delivered the goods. Do not accept the product. Fill in the complaint record with the courier, which is a basis for solving complaints. With the complaint record we will change the damaged product with the new one.

You may send us your complaint directly to the electronic address: info@galleria.si, we will take our position and inform you within 48 hours.



Immediately check the received product. If there is a wrong product in the sent package, you must send the notification to the online store Galleria.si to info@galleria.si at the latest 3 days after the receipt. After the receipt of the returned product to the company’s registered office, we will send you the ordered-right product.


Purchase and payment through the online store are safe. All the cash transactions, made in the online store, are protected with the protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and safe encryption of data protocol. All payments made with the payment card are processed in a real time with immediate verification of data at the banks for your own safety and good feeling. You can make payment with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmericanExpress and Diners Club). All the data send to us are encrypted by means of the SLL technology for data encryption. This advanced procedure of data encryption prevents interception of data. The personal data in an encrypted form are transmitted from your computer to the bank authorization server and are not stored on the online store’s server. If you want to check if during payment your browser is in safe mode, look for the icon of the keylock in the lower corner or at the end of the line with the address in your browser.


All rights reserved. All the texts, pictures, graphics, sound files, animations, video recordings and their variants in the online store Galleria.si are subject to the protection of copyrights and other intellectual property. It is allowed neither to copy these objects for any commercial use or distribution, nor to change or republish them on other web pages. This web page may contain pictures, for which the online store provider acquired the right to use, but they are protected with the copyrights of the third party. In any way, you may not copy, save or anyhow reproduce, neither wholly nor in part, with automatic devices or manually, the contents to which you access.

The buyers or users of the website have no right to copy, disassemble or try to obtain the original code, change or create the derivative works from the contents or website or any other part of these. Any potential violations of these prohibitions can lead to a prosecution or indemnification.

You undertake not to change or any how interfere with, give, rent out, sell or any how differently make available the material to which you access on our webpage to the third persons. By using our website or concluding a contract with us, no licence contract is concluded or no intellectual property is transferred in any other way. You can use the bought product for your own, private and non-profit purpose.

Under no condition, the online store provider shall be responsible for any link, which are not part of this website, or any other website, which are or which are not linked to this website. The online store provider denies all the responsibility for correct data, available on these linked websites, and any products or services available on these websites.


The online store provider shall respect the valid legislation on protection of costumers. The users may send any objections, comments, requests or statements to the electronic address: info@galleria.si or by post to the address: ELNOVA d.o.o., Metelkova 7A, 1000 Ljubljana.

The online store provider shall undertake to confirm to the buyer  to have received the complaint within 5 working days and to inform the buyer about further dealing with the complaint. The online store provider shall seek to solve all the disputes by mutual agreement.

The law of the Republic of Slovenia shall be applicable to these conditions and all relationships, resulting from the use of our services or webpages. The court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction for the disputes, deriving from the use of website www.galleria.si as well as from the general terms and conditions, which could not be solved by mutual agreement by the online store provider and the user.

If you need assistance when using our website or our services, you can write us to the electronic address info@galleria.si.

When making an order, the buyer agrees to compensate the online store provider for all the damage (including but not limited to the claims, losses, liability and costs) made to the company or third persons by violating the general terms and conditions, regardless to whom or how it was made.

On the basis of contractual, compensation or any other claim, the company, its directors, employees, representatives, suppliers or partners, mentioned on the web page, may not be liable for any damage, either direct or indirect, accidental or consequential, or of any other nature, or for any loss, particularly of financial or commercial nature, resulting from (no) access and/or (no) use of this website or any other materials, ordered via website, unless the damage is made by the persons intentionally or out of gross negligence.