The common denominator of her decades-long career is her love of working with people and creating new things.

Her first work experience comes from her time working in tourism and later in aviation. But it was her time working in a marketing agency that made her realise the importance of being client-oriented. After completing her MBA, she joined a regional finance group focusing on strategic HR. Experience gained in various roles and locations lead her to begin working independently. She now works as an executive coach and consultant for organisational development. She is dedicated to supporting managers on their paths through complex situations, to help them achieve their mission and translate their values into sustainable success and personal satisfaction.

Lidija brought together the aspects of artistic expression, personal reflection and a recognition of the aesthetic and essence of life, typical of her work, into the project of Galleria l’arte di seta.

The personal goal she strives to attain is to contribute to the quality of society and personal lives. The invitation of “stop, see, feel” is an invitation to suspend the moment in order to experience it more deeply.

Upon touching the silk, recognising the depictions of details of a real environment, the awakening of our own inner world when revoking our memories, desires and thoughts that the image releases, it is possible to achieve new insights and, with this, bring the piece of art to life. Every time.

Galleria l’arte di seta is more than just a personal experience. It invites you to make a conscious choice and act sustainably. It makes a connection to memories of creations of past generations that then become the motivation to the new ones.

These are the values that the founder lives by and are the source of the dedication she pours into l’arte di seta.