L’arte di seta pieces of art on silk tell stories of the local environment, a mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage that the artist has depicted and woven in silk offered you as a whisper.


L’arte di seta pieces can be taken with you on your journey, to live on in a dialogue with you and others. With each choice you make on how it is worn, what knots and folds you make, how it moves and how the images on the silk are brought together, the creation will come alive in a new way. Your personal style will shine through in the way you use your own imagination and creativity in wearing these pieces.

Whispers of Slovenia

Whispers of Slovenia is a collection of artwork on silk with which the Slovenian artist who created them reflects Slovenian nature and culture. The number of pieces in the collection is limited to 150. The items are beautifully packaged, each coming with a note of the author’s impressions that emerged during the creation of the artwork. Using the best digital technology, the art is printed on silk in Italy, where prestigious products from global brands are created. The collection consists of motifs of Bled, Kras, Ljubljana, Piran and Prekmurje.

Whispers of Prekmurje

Whispers of Piran

Whispers of Bled

Whispers of Kras

Whispers of Ljubljana

» … please put your scarf on.« ( J. D. Salinger)

Certain fashion accessories have been around since early mankind, say for instance, a simple, rectangular piece of fabric: a scarf, an accessory deserving of the highest praise. Despite what the biblical scenes of the Garden of Eden may portray, a fig leaf is unlikely to be the oldest piece of covering, or clothing, of our ancestors.

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