Side By Side With Silk: Dr. Anja Strojin Štampar

The first guest of the Side by Side with Silk conversation was Anja Strojin Stampar Phd, attorney at law, lecturer, leader and linguist.

Anja previously studied law, business and languages, worked as a manager in financial industry, and today she is an attorney at law in Ljubljana and a lecturer in higher education. Anja describes herself as an explorer, a lover of nature and aesthetics. In personal and professional life she draws connections between law, economics, language, art, creativity, healthy lifestyle and social responsibility.

The mission of the Gallery is to bring art in everyday life. This includes putting artistic motifs onto fashion accessories like headscarves. What associations does this silk scarf bring to you?

I find this to be an excellent idea, it helps bring art closer to the people. In this way one can also experience the art through the touch sense. I very much like this concept of artistic motifs on your headscarves; one becomes familiar with the artists and one can express themselves by wearing these accessories. These are beautiful gifts: they are personal and made to a high standard and on the other hand are also a fashion accessory, with which we can express ourselves. They may also remind us of a pleasant memory.

Something like that happened with this scarf: it caught my eye because of its color intensity, the warm yellow. I love yellow, orange, and red colors and this scarf is outright glowing with energy. At the same time it reminds me of my student days in the south of France … .

You are kindly invited to watch the conversation in the video.