The Little Guide

It is about 2 years since the L’arte di seta was started with a mission to revive and strengthen connections to the heritage of past generations, while promoting the creativity. OH! The Little Guide gives an insight where we are at the moment. It is a celebration for the steps we made and a starting point for next projects.

In this period two collections were created: Whispers of Slovenia, with editions of five motifs in which the artist had embedded his vision and his personal experience of cultural heritage and natural beauty of five Slovenian regions. Artwork transcends boundaries; thus, the whispers are not limited to Slovenian soil. They feel at home in the Alps, Pannonia, Mediterranean, Central Europe or any other place your memories carry you to.

The idea for the second collection, Poetry of Joy, has occurred in a very different time – in the late winter of the second year of Covid-19 pandemics, when moral was low and we faced exhaustion and despair. We wanted to add colour to our lives: vivid colours that would re-energise and support us. The works created by painter Mitja Ficko, express such intense joy of life, a joy as a source of energy and a reflection of internal balance.

As at L’arte di seta we strive to bring art into daily life, we decided to present the collections as carrés, scarves. This should not be a surprise, as scarves have had an important role in defining personal style as well as communicating societal messages throughout centuries. New generations are now wearing them with even more creativity and imagination.

OH! The little Guide is cordially inviting you into the world of L’arte di seta. Our great wish for you is to slow down and allow the motifs to whisper to you the stories embedded on the carrés. Let them help you to go forward reenergised, with new creative charge.

And, yes, if there is a carré that is whispering to you in the most appealing way, go for it, be adventurous, find your unique ways to wear it and breathe your own imprint into it.

Let me use this opportunity to express my warmest thanks to everyone involved in the L’arte di seta for their support, encouragement, and creative contribution, making our dreams real. Thanks also go to all the customers for confirming that we are on the right path.

Lidija drobež
founder, curator