Privacy notice

1. Introduction

We, ELNOVA d.o.o., Metelkova ulica 7A, 1000 Ljubljana, operator of the website (»Operator«), dedicate a high level of attention to protection of the personal data and privacy and deal with them particularly carefully and in accordance with all the valid legislation. We process the personal data in accordance with the privacy policy and exclusively for the purposes indicated and for which the personal data are collected. In this privacy policy you can familiarize yourself with the fact which personal data are processed, for which purpose, on what basis and how do we provide for their safety and what are your rights regarding this.

The personal data Operator is ELNOVA d.o.o.. The Operator’s authorized employees as well as the operator’s  contractual processors are the only ones who have the access to the personal data. With them, we have concluded adequate contracts on the personal data processing. 

2. Types and purposes of the personal data processing and legal bases  

Your personal data are processed on different legal bases and for different purposes, as it is explained further on. Your personal data are processed on the basis of the business relationship with you (concluded contract), on the basis of legislation, on the basis of our legal interest and on the basis of your consent. Expect in cases required by the law, your personal data will not be transmitted to any third persons without your written consent. Personal data are not exported into third countries, unless otherwise indicated further on in this notice.



Use of our website
There is no need to transmit the personal data or register only for visiting or viewing the website, but some information can be obtained automatically with the use of cookies or pixel tags, i. e. standard tools in the online industry. You can read more about this under point 6. Cookies and notice about cookies. We do not obtain data about your behaviour on websites only through the cookies. We also update them with the following data: IP address of your device (address of your device, through which you communicate with the devices on the internet): operating system of your device, its version and language settings; browser that you use on your device, its version and language settings; website address (URL address), from which you access to our website. We use personal data for this purpose no more than 12 months. If you decide to send to our contact address an (electronic) message, you freely decide which personal data you would like to entrust us. In this case, the Operator will use your data and process them in accordance with the content of your electronic message and by taking into consideration the type and nature of mutual relationship.



Processing on the basis of the contract

We process your personal data when you send them upon purchase of the product on our website. When submitting the order, you submit us personal data that with need for execution of your order or our contract with us. These data are: name and surname, address, electronic mail address and telephone number. We need these data in order to issue the invoice and deliver you the ordered products as well as to solve potential returns or complaints. If you do not submit these data, we will not be able to execute the order, but you can still continue to use our website.  


Processing on the basis of the law
On the basis of different legislation we process the personal data in order to meet legal obligations for the purposes prescribed by regulations (e.g. tax regulations, and similar). We are obliged to process these data, therefore you must transmit them to us, otherwise we will not be able or will not be allowed to perform our services for you.


Processing on the basis of consent
We can process the personal data on the basis of your free consent. With the consent you express your consent that your personal and other data are collected, stored and used for intended purposes. Within consent you can determine one or several purposes of the personal data processing, which are available in the moment when you give your own consent. We will process your data exclusively for the purposes you submitted them to us and through communication channels, for which you have given us a consent.  You may withdraw from your consent anytime you want. 

3. Protection measures and storage of data.

The Operator shall protect your personal data in accordance with its IT and safety policies so that your personal data will be protected against unauthorized use, unauthorized access and unjustified changes, loss and destruction. We keep your data for the entire period of duration of the contractual relationship with you and still for the time when any kind of claims are possible on the basis of this relationship or as required by the current legislation or national authorities.  We will keep your personal on the basis of your consent until withdrawal of such consent.

4. Personal data storage period

We will store your data for so long as it is needed in order to achieve the purpose, for which they have been collected. We are obliged to store some data for a longer period in accordance with legislation, while we also store some of them after termination of the relationship with you, when this is needed for protection of our legal interests. In the latter case, we store your data until expiry of potential limitation periods. You may obtain additional information about how long you can store specific data by contacting one of the indicated contacts below.

5. Sharing data with the third persons and transfer of the personal data to the third countries

We will not share your personal data with the third persons, except with our contractual processors, who are selected carefully and accurately, and with whom we have concluded contracts on the personal data processing, in accordance with the relevant legislation. We may as well disclose your personal data to various national authorities that need your data within official proceedings they run, as well as to individuals, if they require access to data from a court or they prove another adequate legal basis. We will not transmit your personal data to the third countries, unless this is needed to provide you our services. In the light of the foregoing, we will make sure that the data will be transmitted to the trustworthy third persons in the countries outside the European Economic Area, whose laws may not provide the same level of personal data protection. Where necessary, the Operator will make sure that all the adequate protective measures are set for fulfilment of the requirements for international transmission on the basis of the valid privacy laws. For the personal data transmission outside the European Economic Area, the Operator shall use the mechanisms approved by the Commission as protective measures, such as approval within the privacy shield and standard contractual clauses, such as »(EU) operator to the operator (outside EU/EEA)« Decision 2004/915/EC (see Article 46 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

6. Cookies

The website (e-mail messages, online services, advertising and interactive applications for services optimization, etc.) uses cookies. We do not identify you personally with cookies. We use them only to improve the website operation. By using this website, you agree that the website sets the cookies in your device. A cookie is a text file, code or software element, which saves information regarding browsing history on your computer or device. It is under supervision of your web browser and it is sometimes equipped with a unique and random number.  You have a complete control over cookies. You can read, destroy or adapt it. You can find additional information about cookies that we use on this link.

7. Your rights regarding your personal data

right to access  – it means that you can anytime ask us if we process any of your personal data or if you may get access to these data in a form of a copy and additional information with regard to this;


right to correction – it means that you can anytime require from us to correct incorrect or incomplete data;

right to deletion – it means that in cases laid down under Article 17 of GDPR, you can require from us to delete your personal data and, as far as possible, we will provide that also other operators to whom we previously disclosed your data will delete these data;

right to processing limitation – it means that for a specific period, we temporarily stop processing your personal data, for example in cases when the accuracy of your personal data is under dispute, but we need some time to check their (in)accuracy;

right to objection to processing – it means that when we process your personal data on the basis of the legal interests (limited is set out under point 2 above), you may object this processing and require from us to not process them anymore; and

right to data transferability – it means that you may require from us to provide you your personal data in a structured, often used and machine-readable form, and that you transmit these data directly to another operator, when this is technically feasible. Upon request and when technically feasible, we will transmit your personal data directly to another operator.  

8. The right to revoke the consent for processing

In cases when the basis for processing is your consent, you may anytime revoke your consent in the way to send us your request to revoke by using our contact data indicated in this document. The revocation of a consent for processing does not affect the legitimacy of the data processing, which we carried out until its revocation.

9. Right to lodge an appeal to the supervising authority 

You have also the right to appeal to the supervising authority. The contact data of the supervising authority are:

Republic of Slovenia
Information commissioner
Zaloška 59
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: 00386 (0)1 230 97 30

You may exercise the above-indicated right according to  the proceedings and in the way, as prescribed by GDPR and each time valid Data Protection Act. We will be glad if you will try to solve your questions and any thoughts with us. 

10. Updates of this notice

We updated this notice on 27 November 2020 at the latest and it substitutes all the previous versions. We will occasionally update this notice, publish the updated version on the internet, and inform you about any fundamental changes. We recommend you to read this message from time to time in order to be informed with the current version.

11. Contact data

ELNOVA d.o.o.
Metelkova 7A, 1000 Ljubljana.